Nam On: Drawings


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Nam On, EcoVillage of Hope

Nam On,  EcoVillage of Hope: draft 1

learning from the

Environmental Best Practices and sustainable architecture of Hakka Villages

• generic Pattern Language of indigenous vernacular Chinese architecture



Positive Features of Hakka Village architecture for application to the Nam On project:


01) PREFACE  these observations and conclusions evolved out of:
a) research between December 2006 and March 2007 through internet and contacts
b) trip to Hakka villages (tulou) in Fujian province, April 1 to 9, 2007 with our team of 4

• Hakka villages are an excellent precedent for sustainable communities ,
• they are excellent examples of sharing and caring for individuals, families and culture
• some aspects of Hakka lifestyle such as comfort index are worthy models to respect
• Hakka floor plans are ideal for an orphanage, especially the room layout
• central courtyards are a generic and traditional Chinese feature, ideal for replicati
• interior balconies are ideal for an orphanage
• Hakka villages are climate sensitive, outstanding examples of passive cooling
• Hakka farming is an excellent example of best practices in sustainable agriculture


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