Eco Postcards

A) Ancient architecture along the old Silk Road, Xinjiang province (Kashgar to Urumqi):
1) Kashgar: Old Town RecoCity+EastWest Hub proposal to preserve, recofit & highlight the Old Town, Xinjiang province <DOWNLOAD PDF>
2) Mor Stupa: 1st Buddhist Monastery in China, 1600 years old, Silk Road, Kashgar <DOWNLOAD PDF>
3) Hànnuòyī: ancient Neolithic settlement, Royal Uyghur Palace & city, original Kashgar, Han military garrison, Silk Road, Xinjiang province <DOWNLOAD PDF>
4) Subashi Ancient Temples/City along the Silk Road <DOWNLOAD PDF>
5) Kizil Buddhist Grottoes: 1st major Buddhist Grotto in China, before Dunhuang, but not much to see <DOWNLOAD PDF>
6) Kezilgaha Beacon Tower, the westerly most extension of the failed Great Wall line of defence <DOWNLOAD PDF>
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