Dear Friends of a Sustainable China:

Year of the RabbitWelcome to my introductory blog to launch our new web site, SustainableChina.net for 2011.

Members of our team have been to China 5 times since 2007. We came to study, learn and be inspired, from its past and present, to make a safer, healthier and more sustainable China and planet in the future.

China is a treasure chest of history with many important lessons for our common future.

This web site will host and highlight, photographs, videos, books, precedents, presentations, examples, events, PPTs, reports, Blogs, discussions, proposals, projects and media events, all related to a sustainable China, as time permits. Some of our own work is now shown in a video recently announced by History Channel at a news conference in Beijing on October 21, 2010. It launches their new "History Made for Tomorrow" series world wide.

If you are interested in, or know about, sustainable precedents, historic sites, or needed or completed projects in China, please let me know.

Season Greetings, and welcome to our new SustainableChina.net web site, as we slide into 2011, the Year of the Rabbit.

Jorg Ostrowski, M. Arch. A.S. (MIT), B. Arch. (Toronto), for